Research Topics

Compositional changes and quantum chemistry

These studies deal with the direct influence of chemical composition on quantum mechanical observables, such as total potential energy, electronic eigenvalues, or intermolecular interactions. We use various electronic-structure levels of theory implemented in various software packages for this. One of them being quantum Monte Carlo .

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Note that lambda in fig 6.b should in fact be the square root of lambda. Thanks to Qing-Long Liu for the following corrections: (i) Page 5, last sentence of first paragraph in right column: [63] should be [64]. (ii) Page 8, left column, third line: NH2 should be NH.
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Machine learning in chemical compound space

In this line of work, we use statistics and large data sets of chemical compounds to construct analytical models of quantum mechanical properties. More information can be found on the quantum machine homepage.

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Many-body van der Waals forces

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Optimized atom centered potentials and pseudopotentials

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